About Josh

Hi, my name is Josh. I'm a photographer and social technology consultant currently living in Geneva, Switzerland. I'm an eighteen year veteran of this Internet revolution, having run my own consultancy since 1996. I call myself a Technology Versatilist, but my real passion is helping small businesses leverage existing technologies to be more competitive. My job is to connect the dots so that small companies can do amazing things. Technology is a tool, it shouldn't be a hurtle. So, if you need some help figuring out how all these crazy technologies and services, I can help. Connect with me first!

R. Josh Quarles at work.


A few of my current projects.

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I'm working hard to fit all my points of contact onto one page.

  • OfficeOffice: +1 800 274 5674 USA
  • Swiss MobileMobile: +41 79 922 41 64 Swiss Mobile
  • MobileMobile: +1 913 735 5674 USA
  • HomeHome: +1 913 522 8991 USA
  • E-mail
  • Webwww.quarlesnet.com
  • Webwww.nosilver.net
  • QR Code VCARD

What is a Versatilist?

A Versatilist is someone who can be a specialist for a particular discipline, while at the same time be able to change to another role with the same ease.

The term "versatilist" was first coined in an article from Gartner, where it states:

"Versatilists are able to apply a depth of skill to a progressively widening scope of situations and experiences, equally at ease with technical issues as with business strategy."

It is to the advantage of an organization to employ versatilists—because an enterprise will be able to easily redeploy this type of employee based on changes in business requirements or strategy. This breadth of knowledge and experience is what enables faster changes to other roles.

Found on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Versatilist